Summer Breaks

IMG_7255I love summer break! Well, in theory I love summer break. Which is why I love this comic by Sarah Andersen so much, because every single summer I’ve ever had since I left home for college has literally consisted of me melting into my couch and staring at my computer with my mouth slightly open for like 14 straight hours. Every time I showered became me changing out of my pajamas into my another set of pajamas 😅

Anyways, since this is my first summer working–like working working! I thought it would be interesting to start a blog about my slow ascent into adulthood. As a person that somehow made it through my first 3 years of college living solely on frozen chicken nuggets, fast food, and my mom’s cooking packed in weeks supplies of Tupperware, I feel like i’ve come a long way! This blog is just a neat way for me to keep track of all the things i’ve learned, and continue to learn every day!
Summer Breaks

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