College Eats: Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken!

IMG_7400College livin’ can be hard. You don’t truly appreciate home, until you’re living with 3 other people in a tiny apartment, and the dishes are piled to the ceiling, there are 3 different bug infestations in your kitchen, and every time you open the fridge, it looked like a volcano exploded ketchup and leftover Chinese food everywhere. Nevertheless, it’s a time in my life that i’ll look back at fondly, because of the ever-changing group of people that are always coming into my life. Whether it’s roommates, friends, neighbors, or classmates, there’s never a dull moment!

I learned this recipe from my roommate’s friend, Daniel Liu,  who frequently borrows our kitchen to make food during their aggressive study sessions at our apartment. Although this is a “College Eats” recipe, it’s definitely “College Eats”: Advanced Edition. It’s an easy recipe, but deep frying can be a challenge, lesbehonest. 

For all my Taiwanese homies out there, you know this popular street food snack! It’s Popcorn chicken! Crispy, salty, spicy, deliciousness 🐔💕


1. 3 chicken breasts
2. 1 bag of Tempura powder
3. Garlic powder
4. Cayenne pepper
5. Pepper salt
6. 3 Eggs (or enough to coat)


1. Wash the chicken

2. Tenderize the chicken with a meat tenderizer
3. Cut the chicken into bite sized cubes
4. Place the cubed piece of chicken in a bowl and coat with garlic powder
5. Scramble your eggs in a separate bowl, and dip the chicken in the egg mixture until it’s well coated.
6. Place your tempura powder in a bowl, and transfer the egg-coated pieces of chicken into the powder until well coated as well.
7. Once completed, transfer the fully coated pieces of chicken to a clean plate, and let it settle for 5-10 minutes.
8. In a deep pot, or deep fryer, bring vegetable oil to a boil. Lower the head to low-mid heat, and begin dropping in the pieces of chicken.
9. The time depends on the size, but the chicken should be done once it reaches a golden brown color. To check if the chicken is done, take out the biggest piece of that batch, cut it open and check if it’s completely cooked inside.
10. Then just season it with cayenne pepper and pepper-salt!
College Eats: Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken!

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