College Eats: Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken!

IMG_7400College livin’ can be hard. You don’t truly appreciate home, until you’re living with 3 other people in a tiny apartment, and the dishes are piled to the ceiling, there are 3 different bug infestations in your kitchen, and every time you open the fridge, it looked like a volcano exploded ketchup and leftover Chinese food everywhere. Nevertheless, it’s a time in my life that i’ll look back at fondly, because of the ever-changing group of people that are always coming into my life. Whether it’s roommates, friends, neighbors, or classmates, there’s never a dull moment!

I learned this recipe from my roommate’s friend, Daniel Liu,  who frequently borrows our kitchen to make food during their aggressive study sessions at our apartment. Although this is a “College Eats” recipe, it’s definitely “College Eats”: Advanced Edition. It’s an easy recipe, but deep frying can be a challenge, lesbehonest.  Continue reading “College Eats: Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken!”

College Eats: Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken!

Healthy Eats: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Turkey Burgers


Thank you to my love Kyle and roomie Beracah for making the patties for me after I accidentally cut my hand on a can of beans heh
not the greatest picture, but only because we were all too aggressively hungry and excited to bother with photos
My diet did a complete 180 when I went to college. Although I was living off my mother’s pre-packed food for a majority of my first quarter in school, that quickly tapered off as I visited home less and I was reduced to eating a lot of junk food, fast food, and frozen aisle food. The fact that I’d been forced into a relatively healthy lifestyle for most of my childhood and adolescence, this newfound freedom to eat whatever and whenever I wanted did quite a number on me as well.
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Healthy Eats: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Turkey Burgers